Array in C#



An array is a collection of elements of the same type stored in a contiguous memory location. It is handy for storing and manipulating multiple values of same datatypes.

Declaring an Array:

Array can be declared by specifying the data type of its elements followed by square brackets []

data_type[] array_name;

int[] rollNum;
string[] names;

Initializing an Array:

Array can be initialized by specifying its size and assigning values to its elements. There are several ways to initialize an array:

  • Creating instance:

    int[] numbers = new int[5]; // Creates an integer array with 5 elements
    int[] numbers = new int[n]; // Creates an integer array with n elements
  • Initializing with value:

int[] numbers = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; 
// Creates an integer array with 5 elements and initializes them

Accessing Array Elements:

Individual elements of an array can be accessed by using their index, starting from 0.

for eg:

int firstNumber = numbers[0]; // Accesses the first element (index 0)
int secondNumber = numbers[1]; // Accesses the second element (index 1)

Console.Write(numbers[0]); //print first element of array (index 0)

Modifying Array Elements:

Array can be modified by assigning new values to the elements of an array.


numbers[2] = 10; // Changes the value of the third element (index 2) to 10

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